Tuesday, May 10, 2011

keeping kids in mind

Tallahassee FL. December, 2010— With spring celebrations happening all around us and end of school year parties on the horizon the North Florida Face and Body Painting Guild would like to take a minute to educate and remind our neighbors about face paint safety and professional hygiene practices.

There was a time when quality face paints were a specialty item only to be purchased on the Internet, so well meaning volunteers would use products from their classroom or child’s art box. People have used everything from tempera paint, water colors, sharpie pens or acrylic craft paint. Unfortunately these products are NOT designed or safe to use on skin, especially a child's sensitive skin. While these products rightly claim they are non toxic that only means you will not die if you ingest them, just as a jalapeño is non toxic ...but also not a good choice to rub on your skin! The reactions to these not-for-skin use products include rashes, welting, flaking itchy irritation which in some cases can lead to further complications of infection and in extreme cases, scaring.

We are sending out this reminder because while we know everyone has Tallahassee’s childrens best interest in mind there are still prominent local organizations supplying substandard products to their face painting volunteers. We believe these organizations are unaware that low cost quality products are available, as responsible organizations would not knowingly place children at risk or leave their own organizations open to possible legal actions from upset parents.

The members of the North Florida Face Painting Guild are all independent contractors in the North Florida region. Anyone of them would be happy to discuss helping with your next event or assist you in finding quality, professional grade makeup supplies.

Karen Mercer – FairyDust Faces – 850-273-8660 – www.FairyDustFacePainting.com
Sharon Grimes –Body Art Fusion – 850-765-0196 – www.BodyArtFusion.com
Sarah Viviano – Face Painting by Sarah – 850-385-4067 – www.SarahsFacePainting.com

Karen Mercer, founding artist of FairyDust Faces and co-director of the North Florida Face Painting Guild is extensively committed to the success of art instruction in public schools and in local youth organizations. The North Florida Face Painting Guild is committed to the safety, quality and professionalism of face and body art in northern Florida. ###

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