Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sonoma County Hosts International Award Winning Instructor

Alison Kenyon has been a fine artist in the San Francisco Bay area for 30 of her 36 years, winning her first of countless juried art shows at age 6!

In high school, she was twice awarded scholarships to attend summer sessions at the prestigious Academy of Art college.

In college she was selected for a coveted European art study program in London and Paris.

She began face and body art in 1993, and has since been flown around the world to do makeup at the 2001 Miss India Pageant, body painting at Arnhem's International Human Statue contest, and countless events as in-house makeup artist for San Francisco's own Velocity Circus.

In 2004, Alison was winner of the International Face and Body Art competition in San Francisco, and since then has continued to hone her craft in extensive workshops with the world's finest face and body artists: Olivier Zegers, 2 time world champions of body painting Raphaelle and Gary Fieldhouse, and the Wolfe Brothers.

Alison is a featured artist (credited as Penney the Clown) and conceptual contributer to the new 2007 edition of the Klutz Face Painting book!

Hosted by Karen of Alison will be teaching in Santa Rosa Monday, September 28
10:30 am - 6:00 pm
(7 hours, total)

Perfect for those who couldn't make it to Living Canvas, or who want to keep their convention momentum rolling with an all-day intensive.

We will be covering:

• of course, revisiting airbrush-quality sponge blending

• color theory, light theory, and composition

• how to "see" and block out basic shapes, making it easier to copy and learn to "draw" complicated subjects like cars, trucks, people, horses, etc without feeling overwhelmed

• all these foundational concepts will be put into practice, with a focus on designs for October

• I'll be including great designs for "fancy ladies" going to costume parties; ladies who don't want their entire face painted,
but still want to look sexy fabulous.

• EXRAS: I will also include some "bonus" bling tips, for those individual party-going clients that you want to really impress so they call you every year. What to get, where to get it, and how to use it.

• As always, there will be an artistic challenge exercise designed to get you thinking outside the box and get your juices flowing

• This is an advanced class: you should have at least 2 years' experience
(if you've already taken my classes, you're in, regardless of experience)

Price for the class is $150

"EARLY BIRD" SPECIAL: I know it's already close to the date, so the term "early" is relative, but
sign up by September 21, and the class is only $125

"BRING A BUDDY" SPECIAL: get a friend to sign up and the class is only $125
(if you sign up early AND bring a buddy, it's only $100!!!!)

Kids Party Central
327 Ohair Ct, Santa Rosa

Body Masterpiece
Fine art face and body painting

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

northbay face and body art guild

northbay face and body art guild online newsletter

I think all you Sonoma and Marin county artists will agree with me when I say its been a busy summer! Not only has my business been bouncing all over the county from Farmers Markets to carnivals and private parties but we've also been able to take a few classes with some of our fellow member.

Plus I believe several locals will be taking a quick run down to San Jose for the Living Canvas convention later this month...a couple of us are even going to southern California for the henna conference in Oct. Then things start all over again in February with the big convention in Las Vegas!

I think we'd all really appreciate if someone could write up a short review of any class they've taken or gone to. Go ahead and just email them in to me and I'll post them

In the meanwhile let me just comment briefly on Pashur's worhshop held 8/27

Pashur and Jennifer, (his significant other) presented a few of Pashur's trademark tips in a small class setting located in Kryolan's demo room in San Francisco. Jennifer was the ever patient asistant letting Pashur paint whatever he wanted. As I arrived (late!) Jennifer was just washing off an asymetrical blue leopard eye mask and the class was getting down to practicing the 'C' shape leopard spot. A sunset framed by palm trees quickly followd that. Emphasis was placed on making the tree actually frame the scene in a graceful arch.

We continued with a 3 dimensional spider, mermaid scales (shading, shading, shading) and we learned how to 'write' dragon in Kanji my biggest take home tip was a easy-once-you-see-it-that-way Koi fish. Now I just need to wait until a sushi restaurant brings the FairyDust Faces team in to paint the waitstaff!

The workshop finished with a couple of games constructed to get us out of our comfort zone. My painting partner, the unflappable Lena took the challenge head on and did not shrink from the laundry list Pashur had us incorporate into the game. I seem to be a bit slower in thought processing so went second and did a passable job on my challenge, I even won an angle brush for my effort (based on speed, not execution!)

I'd like to add if you haven't been on the northbay guild site in a while make sure to check out Katie Hunt's review of Erika Harrison's book "How to Start a Face Painting and Body Art Business" And as always if you have a review of a book, periodical or product send it in!